Welcome to our new BL group~!

Hello all fujoshi and fudanshi! (I’m Splodey, and some of you know I’m “xploded_tb” in many places.)

Thanks for popping by our team and our site. If you want to stick with us, feel free to hit the RSS button, or “Sign Me Up” to get updates from us!

As we’re still a super young team, most of us not having that much scanlation experience, we only hope to improve the quality of our work as we go along. So please bear with us and our quality for the moment, and for me as a rather hetare leader.

Only thing we want you to note is that we’re a group with little rules for ourselves, and the people following us! Especially for us. Because we’re so lazy and rotten. We laze so much we take some time to squeeze out releases. We work on works that we’re interested in and we would always love to hear some suggestions as well.

There’s more I could say, but I’ll stop! To kick us off for spring, here’s a little preview of a work that will be a joint!

Please look forward to this one! It’s a super fun one! ;D I just “xxxxx”d that bit because SPOILERS. This HijiGin is a fun one to work on. Lots of sexiness. And who knew, our first 2 releases are going to be hardcore. Man, that’s how rotten we are…

And, ahem, let me dump a photo of spring for you too! It’s beautiful spring (cherry blossoms are in full bloom) right now in Japan, though it came ridiculously early this year!

That said. It’s spring, it’s a new beginning. We look forward to working with each other to produce more BL for you guys to enjoy! If you have any queries, please check the FAQs. Thank you very much~

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About xplodedtb

Splodey blogs about real life posts of everyday life in both the UK, and Japan. I also translate BL stuffs~! And I also voiceact in Japanese for fun.

16 responses to “Welcome to our new BL group~!”

  1. abiranz says :

    ganbatte naaaa mina-san! (*O*)/

  2. gellen says :

    Welcome! I look forward to your work.

  3. phyrigia says :

    Congrats and looks forward to the (first) release!

  4. Fiona says :

    Welcome to your new team ! I’m looking forward to the first releases.
    Sakura bloomings are beautiful, I hope to see them for real one day.

  5. jeinlea says :

    I am so looking forward to this! :3

  6. JO says :

    Hello look forward to this hope it goes great :) JO

  7. whindel_21 says :

    I am looking forward for your release~ I love hijigin <3

  8. Euryx says :

    Instant follow~ *3*/

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