[Teaser #002] Akashi-sama no Iu Toori (audio preview)

We live up to our name! We’re hetare, and lazy, so when I said “hopefully during the 1st week of April” it actually means “during 2015”.

…Nah, I’m kidding. The works are coming along well! A little update…

HijiGin doujinshi, “Where Is Your Switch?” is at QC stage, and the 100 page monster YukioRin is at typesetting stage. I have JUST finished translating Akashi-sama no Iu Toori today, so I hope this project will be published during May! <3

But since you guys were so patient I decided to give you a crappy present. …I still hope you like it.

Our group is a little special. We try our best to pump out previews as well so you can enjoy something while waiting!

Here’s the page… that I decided to do an AUDIO preview of.

Um, well. This is page 12 of the doujinshi, and I figured saying these lines are easier for a teaser rather than finding a panel, cropping it and then slapping text on it. So, there we go!

Apologies if it doesn’t live up to your standards as I’m no professional voiceactor, but you have no choice, do you? Ufufufu. (Also I included the kiss that Akashi did THAT IS EMBARRASSING /cries)

Please stay tuned! You can also keep getting updated with project updates via our projects list on the nav bar!

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Splodey blogs about real life posts of everyday life in both the UK, and Japan. I also translate BL stuffs~! And I also voiceact in Japanese for fun.

11 responses to “[Teaser #002] Akashi-sama no Iu Toori (audio preview)”

  1. Chii says :

    Good luck, you guys! Really looking forward to this one. >u<

  2. whatinterestme says :

    Looking forward to your first project ^-^

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