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[News] Hey guys, we’re not dead!

I realized I haven’t updated us in forever (Splodey is a lousy, hetare leader, yes…) but we’re all still alive. Yes, the entire team of rotten fujoshi are still around it’s just we’ve all been extremely busy with our lives. Now that I’m personally off with summer starting, I’ll be able to start scanlating and translating regularly once again.

We’re nearly done with the Ao No Exorcist one, it’s just it has over 100 pages worth to edit (and Minato, our editor and typesetter for this is very anal and OCD about it haha) and typeset, so it’s taking an extremely long time.

Meanwhile, I’m preparing to leave Japan due to my exchange being over. (I’ve managed to catch the 1st episodes of Free! and Hakkenden S2, and also the newest Gintama movie!)

Thanks for everyone’s continued patience~ We plan to work on stuffs as much as possible with the summer approaching! <3

Psst, follow the arrow. ;) (And feel free! [heh heh] to play with the rating buttons located just below the title, heh heh.)

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