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[Updates] 2 new projects, and a little help, if you will!

So, hello everyone! Figured I’d give some updates with our projects and stuff. We’re a tiny group, and we’re all lazy and we have lives so we’re really slow. But no apologies on that heh heh we promised that we’d deliver at a slow rate. ;D


  • Added 2 new projects, a Minazuki Akira one and a Tiger and Bunny doujinshi (both generously given by Hoka, BangAQUA’s head~)
  • Might need an experienced typesetter to join us for any future projects (anybody else is free to join really except I can’t assign any work at the moment, so if you’re the kind who likes to be pressurized with projects then we may not be the team for you :’D)
  • Need scans too if we want to move forward~
  • FAKE is a joint project with BangAQUA and they’re doing the typesetting now, so please wait!
  • Next projects to be started on is Shisei Gokumon (with BangAQUA) and very possibly This World, the KHR doujinshi!

Currently Splodey is still busy, because ahaha she hasn’t actually left Echochi so actually there’s a two-shot Minazuki Akira with Echochi coming up soon so~

If interested in joining us, or any inquiries about projects etc, or just a chat feel free to contact us or just leave your comments behind!

Thank you for all the follows and RSS, and see you in the next release. ;D (Hope you enjoyed the credit pages in our latest release, heh heh.)

[Release #003] Akashi-sama no Iu Toori

Wait, are you telling me… ROTTEN SCANS, THE BUNCH OF LAZY FUJOSHI, ARE RELEASING AGAIN?! Yes! This time thanks to krys for finding this doujinshi on tumblr, so thanks to risk-k for letting us use your scans! :D (It was originally supposed to be just me translating it, but then I decided to make it into a scanlation instead. Also, remember the voiceover?)

Title: Akashi-sama no Iu Toori
Circle: CHIPS
Fandom: Kurobasu
Pages: 18
Pairing: AkashiKuroko, KisekiKuroko
Rating: PG-13 (mainly gag)
Summary: Akashi thinks that everyone needs to strengthen up. He makes them go through a series of ridiculous challenges to see who will last the longest.
Download: Mediafire  |  4shared  |  Mega
Re-translation: Spanish

So yes, how do you find the credit page? SEEN IT YET? NO? THEN STARE AT IT. LOVE IT. SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS. Do you prefer our credit pages like that, or any other way? Anything else you wanna say? Feel free to leave the comments~ (Credits page made by Fishy this time. xD)

So there you go, thanks for reading~ :D


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[Text #002] Genjou Destruction (Present-state Destruction)

Sadly not related to scanlations in any way (I’m sorry), but just thought I’d share a translation of Genjou Destruction, the theme song for the second Gintama movie (Yorozuya yo eien nare) by SPYAIR! (PV link for those interested in watching).

… I should probably do some doujinshi translation at some point, though, shouldn’t I.

– Shirato

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[Release #002] Fill/Kill/Reverse/My Moment

We’ve missed 801 Day by like, 4 days. So, we’re terribly sorry. To make up for it, we have this massive 100 pages! Please enjoy this AoEx doujinshi!

The credits page has a YukioRin fanart drawn by our other translator, mayu! ;D Also, Minato our editor/typesetter toiled hard over this doujinshi, so let’s just shower her with love~ <3

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR POTATO JY, for helping out with some of the cleaning too~

Title: Fill/Kill/Reverse/My Moment
Circle: FIZZCODE/Satonishi
Fandom: Ao No Exorcist
Pages: 107
Pairing: YukioRin
Rating: R-18
Warnings: rape
Summary: Yukio harbors feelings that are beyond family love for Rin. Even so, he tries not to give in to them, and to be content with their current relationship. However, when he learns that time is “on his side”, he takes advantage of it.
Download: Mediafire  |  4shared  |  Mega
Re-translations: Portuguese

Feel free to share this post or link to our group! We greatly appreciate it. Andddd, Splodey is sorry. xD We’re sooooo slow but that’s okay, we told you – WE’LL BE SLOW. We keep to this promise, at least. THAT SAID, Splodey will go heal her aching back…


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P.S. Anyone reading Adekan? ;D It’s soooo fun~

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