[Release #004] Oyasumi Mae Secret

What is happening at Rotten Scans?! WE’RE RELEASING?! Yes, that’s right, and just before Wetnesgay tonight! (Free! airs ‘tonight’ in Japan at 12.30am GMT +9 actually. Anyone going to watch the stream?)

BUT BEFORE THAT, 2 major announcements!


Feel free to register and join us and we can all chat and share other scanlations/raws with each other! If you’ve joined, introduce yourself! We may also use the forum to take your opinions, hold more discussions, or shift any possible text translations over there etc.

No longer using 4shared as host

Previous links that we’ve uploaded will not be deleted.


Title: Oyasumi Mae Secret
Circle: Nimoda Ai
Fandom: Free!
Pages: 15
Pairing: MakoHaru
Rating: R-18
Summary: Based on episode 4′s endcard, Makoto and Haru clean up after dinner, and things get considerably wet.
Download: MediaFire | Mega
Re-translations: Spanish | Portugese


Por favor, no alteres el contenido de esta carpeta.

P.S. Enjoy the credit page + extra page. ;D

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Splodey blogs about real life posts of everyday life in both the UK, and Japan. I also translate BL stuffs~! And I also voiceact in Japanese for fun.

47 responses to “[Release #004] Oyasumi Mae Secret”

  1. orquidea_negra1 says :

    Thank you so much.

  2. Nida says :

    Thank you very much

  3. yuieiri says :

    Wow! Thank u so much for this :). *ready to register* :3

  4. BLScanlations (@BLScanlations) says :

    Thank you!!! =D
    Do you have any doujinshis with the pairing Nagisa x Rei or Rei x Nagisa? =X
    Keep your hard work! =D

    • xplodedtb says :

      You’re welcome~

      We currently don’t have, but all of us ship them both ways so if you ever find any we would most likely want to work on it~

      Thank you~ <3 We'll keep trying xD

  5. Hy-chan says :

    Thank you so much (*´▽`*)~ Finally I can read MakoHaru doujinshi yayyyyy~

  6. xplodedtb says :

    Reblogged this on Splodey@銀ちゃんのベッド and commented:
    ;D Enjoy the release, and don’t forget to join us at our new forums~

  7. maute50 says :

    A gorgeous cover, I’m happy to get this dj. to read, thank you very much for all the work you did to share!!!

  8. phyrigia says :

    thank you so much!

  9. caspop says :

    Thank you for translating and all the things you did! :>

  10. Kaits says :

    Thank you for this! It’s great to finally see some R18 makoharu doujins translated~

    hope to see more in the future~!

  11. mizuki143 says :

    Thank you for this. :)
    Oh and Congratulation on the new forum. *(^o^)*

  12. sbragg7587 says :

    Thanks for translating this Free! MakoHaru Doujin! I don’t see many doing MakoHaru ones! If you plan on doing more Free! Doujins, would it be alright to make a masterpost for your Free! Doujins at our Free! Livejournal Community? (Unless, of course, if you have LJ, you are more than welcome to post it yourself!)

    Thank You!

    • xplodedtb says :

      Aww, thank you for reading! <3 We're happy you enjoyed it!

      Yes, I do have an LJ but I've kinda just abandoned it some time ago, so feel free to go ahead and link our release posts there. :D And yes, we do have another MakoHaru coming right up, so look forward to it! ;D

    • xplodedtb says :

      Also since there’s an LJ don’t mind if I join and leech a little perhaps. xDD

      • xKiYoMiNaTiONx says :

        Ahaha! Feel Free! too XD… The LJ is linked to my name!

        • xplodedtb says :

          ;D I have Free!ly linked myself to the site and joined. <3

          Also we don’t actually have a regular scanner scanning raws for us, so we’re usually just sitting around waiting for any raw scans we can grab. XD Just so happened that we got 2 projects from the same person, so we’re happily working on them! So yes, you should probably include: This group does not regularly get Free! doujinshi all the time. Well, they do get it free! off the net tho xDD

          • xKiYoMiNaTiONx says :

            Also, sorry to say this here, this should be said in private. Your doujin already made its way to mangago.com, without your credit page =(

            • xplodedtb says :

              Lol yeah no surprise. The same thing happened at every single other reader. It must be the uploader, for some reason, whoever it was who first uploaded it.

              Well I don’t care at this point because I’ve given up on trying to tell people to not do it. There will always be silly kids who can’t seem to respect others. :P

  13. acher says :

    Thanks for your hard work!!

  14. gilgamesh says :

    Fiiinaaaallly mako haru dooooujin!
    Waaaah thank you so very much for your hardwork!!! muaaach ( ;3;)<3<3<3

  15. akitae says :

    Thank you so much! :D

  16. tokkei12 says :

    Wah, thank you so much! Finally a MakoHaru dj! >.<

  17. crazyyaoilover says :

    thank you for all of your hard work !!!! :D

  18. majesticfire says :

    Thank you so much for the hard work! ^^ Finally, someone is doing a Makoharu DJ.

    Have a great weekend! :D

  19. yuiran says :

    Yay ! MakoHaru ! thank you !

  20. Lexi-chan says :

    Thank you so much. I’m getting the goosebumps already T^T

  21. haru says :

    thank you so much I love this couple

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