[Notice] Thanks for sticking with us!

Thank you to everybody for sticking with us and our releases, especially the MakoHaru one! We’re still a young group, so I hope you will enjoy our future releases. And, if you’re at our forums, enjoy your stay with us as a community! We like promoting more communication and fujoshi/fudanshi friends can all bond together, and that’s why we made the forum, so feel free to join us to make new friends as well! (We’d also love to be friends with you. ;D)

Now on to some more important things.

Our scanlation policy is that you can post our projects anywhere you like. Literally, ANYWHERE as long as you obey that one single important rule:


I’ve repeatedly put this in every post, but sadly, of course, a few ignore it. Why do we tend to reinforce this rule? It’s simply because it’s a matter of respect. What we’re doing isn’t legally right, but because of that we have no right to restrict you to where you can share the scans. However, the least thing you can do is to give a little respect for the ones who worked on the project by leaving the files as they are – untouched and untampered with. So please, do not remove our credit pages, leave them as they are. Besides the awesome sparkles and bubbles that Fishy always leaves behind on the credit pages we make, we also leave a link to our group. It’s so that when you share it out, people can come back to us and perhaps discover more BL. That is the purpose of a scanlation group! Because we want to share the BL love!

In any case, I have said my peace, and no post like this will ever be made again. I just hope readers will understand us. :’)

On a happier note, WE HAVE A NEW MAKOHARU DOUJINSHI. It will hopefully be released soon~

We also will not be posting minor updates to this site. This means that the minor updates like just adding only 1 project to the list, or having just 1 project delayed will be added to our forums instead, under “New Projects and Project Updates“. However, if we happen to accumulate, say, 3 projects or something we think is rather big and everyone should know, we’ll update with a post here informing you. But the current pages we have will all still be updated accordingly, just that no emails will be sent as notifications to you.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Sorry for the little rant, but I thought it was necessary. :’D If you have any queries, or suggestions of anything, please let us know! Thank you~

About xplodedtb

Splodey blogs about real life posts of everyday life in both the UK, and Japan. I also translate BL stuffs~! And I also voiceact in Japanese for fun.

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