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[Chat] Q&A session for life in Japan (Tokyo), for Japanese, BL etc

Hello! Sorry, I don’t actually have a release or even anything remotely close to a teaser today! Please forgive me… ><;; We’re working hard! Uh… yes we’re working hard! Also with real life as well…

Anyway, I’m posting this here in case people here are also interested.

I’m hosting a livechat session TOMORROW today 26th Oct at 2pm GMT +1 timing, so the later GMTs will be evening/night Saturday, and timings before will be early Saturday! Everything will be livechat and it’s accessible without an account or even an email!

Chat is over! Thanks for joining~

If you can make it, that’ll be awesome. If you didn’t make it, that’s okay as I’ll still take in your questions. Just leave your comments so I can answer them at a later time with a cumulative post of everything I can answer!

More info~~

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[Teaser #004 + #005] Oboreru Sakana ha Yume wo Miru + Rainy Day

Hello guys! I’ve come with mini previews for 2 MakoHaru djs! I tend to do these previews a lot, also just for fun too. :P

Anyway, you can find the summaries and description on our current projects list. Please also feel free to join our forums! We could use more people having fun together and I’d love to chat with many other BL fans. ;D

But before that, I have 2 little notices!

BangAQUA is in need of a Japanese > English translator, and also a Chinese > English translator! 

From us, Rotten Scans, we need a Japanese > English translator, a cleaner and a typesetter to help us on a massive one volume of Akunin wo Nakaseru HouhouDetails here. Thank you <3

Now, on to previews~

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[Release #005] FAKE! doujinshi + mini announcements~

Announcements first!

  1. BangAQUA is working with us on 2 new MakoHaru doujinshi. Details just look under “Current Projects“. You can check back once in awhile for updates or anything at all, or feel free to join our forums to get more frequent updates too and we can chat more~ (Please do join!!)
  2. Our FAQs are currently being translated into Russian, Spanish, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. The spot for Korean is still open, so if you’d like to offer please let us know! Alternatively, if you’d like to help translate it into any language at all, also let us know!
  3. At the moment we have quite some projects, and life is busy again for quite a few of us on the team (and remember we are small), so please bear with us. If you ever suggest any project to us, please understand that we will need time before we can agree and start work on it!

So thank you very much so far for sticking with us and of course, onward with the release BUT!


Don’t ever give up the sugar Gin-chan!! And the raws, credit page and the extra pretty insert page was brought to you by HokaHoka of BangAQUA herself. Head on over to join them, and please thank her as well. <3

Title: FAKE
Pairing: HijiGin
Rating: R-18
Summary: Nyantoki (Cat!Gintoki) visits the Shinsengumi, and he really wants food. But is he just looking for only food, or a certain person…? (Joint with BangAQUA)
Download: MediaFire | Mega | Read Online
Re-translation: French


Por favor, no alteres el contenido de esta carpeta.

P.S. Do you need more Gintoki-ness? FicklePickle are also celebrating his birthday, and have released djs too!

[Update] 3 new MakoHaru projects + some other notices you should read about

First of all, thanks everyone~ We hit over 100 followers for this site, and it’s just emails/wordpress reader updates! Also thanks to anyone else for bookmarking our site, and those RSSing it! Now I just have a bunch of things to just update everyone~

  1. We have THREE new sparkling MakoHaru projects, again generously provided by nyanko44! <3 We hope you look forward to them! Details are on our Current projects page.
  2. If you haven’t checked lately, we’ve held on to 2 other MakoHaru doujinshis for awhile – both translated, but Oboreru is nearly done editing, while Rainy Day still needs to be cleaned.
  3. Splodey (that’s me hello anyone new!) is starting on translating Shisei Gokumon, FINALLY. That is a joint with BangAQUA~
  4. As wordpress shows us stats, we can roughly see where our visitors are from over the course of the time we’ve set up our site. So, we have decided to have our FAQs translated into the following languages: Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, and Spanish! We’re doing this because we thought it’d be a great idea to have a language that some people are more comfortable reading in. Currently, we have translators for Thai, Bahasa Indonesia and Spanish, but the spot for Korean is still left open. So if you’d like to help, please let us know by leaving a comment, or use our contact form. Alternatively, if you’d like to offer to translate it to another language that isn’t listed here, please feel free to also contact us.
  5. If you look at the sidebar, we have 2 little buttons there. The one on the left is made by Hoka, lovely leader of BangAQUA, and the other made by our awesome editor, Minato~ So feel free to use those buttons to link to our website!
  6. Last but not least, JOIN OUR FORUM! We would love more people around to liven it up~

That’s all for our updates and what’s going on lately~ We welcome anyone new to the forum, and we hope to see you there because we very much want to chat with you guys. <3

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