[Release #005] FAKE! doujinshi + mini announcements~

Announcements first!

  1. BangAQUA is working with us on 2 new MakoHaru doujinshi. Details just look under “Current Projects“. You can check back once in awhile for updates or anything at all, or feel free to join our forums to get more frequent updates too and we can chat more~ (Please do join!!)
  2. Our FAQs are currently being translated into Russian, Spanish, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. The spot for Korean is still open, so if you’d like to offer please let us know! Alternatively, if you’d like to help translate it into any language at all, also let us know!
  3. At the moment we have quite some projects, and life is busy again for quite a few of us on the team (and remember we are small), so please bear with us. If you ever suggest any project to us, please understand that we will need time before we can agree and start work on it!

So thank you very much so far for sticking with us and of course, onward with the release BUT!


Don’t ever give up the sugar Gin-chan!! And the raws, credit page and the extra pretty insert page was brought to you by HokaHoka of BangAQUA herself. Head on over to join them, and please thank her as well. <3

Title: FAKE
Pairing: HijiGin
Rating: R-18
Summary: Nyantoki (Cat!Gintoki) visits the Shinsengumi, and he really wants food. But is he just looking for only food, or a certain person…? (Joint with BangAQUA)
Download: MediaFire | Mega | Read Online
Re-translation: French


Por favor, no alteres el contenido de esta carpeta.

P.S. Do you need more Gintoki-ness? FicklePickle are also celebrating his birthday, and have released djs too!

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34 responses to “[Release #005] FAKE! doujinshi + mini announcements~”

  1. kiramekimei says :

    Thank you so much for sharing! =]

  2. Hz says :

    Bwahahaha. Yey Gintoki bday release! I will now download and read this instead of working on our own release. :3

    • xplodedtb says :

      Hz noooooo! Also give me your button. Button kudasai. If you’re going to procrastinate and not work on your own release YOU GIVE ME THE BUTTON

      • Hz says :

        Nooooo. /sob I’ll work on both of them I swear. Can hopefully get you the button by this weekend hopefully! Also the dj was delicious. :3 Thanks to everyone who worked to get it out!

        • Hz says :

          Omg the icon assigned to me.. I’m Shinpachi! lol.

          • xplodedtb says :

            hee hee I was kidding. I’m looking forward to YOUR release. <3 I'll check tomorrow tho. xD

            ….The system sure knows you well Hz!!

            • Hz says :

              Gasp. Did you just imply we’d be late for Gintoki’s birthday and release tomorrow??? >:O (We’d actually be lucky if we did. haha.)

              Methinks your system is mocking me.

              • xplodedtb says :

                Wait you mean you WILL be?! OH WELL (I’m on GMT timing now so I will be reading it tomorrow seeing as it’s 11pm now and almost time for me to head to bed. xD

                Man that REALLY looks like a grumpy Shinpachi HAHAHA

                • Hz says :

                  Well the main release will be. Have a few shorts that’s more or less done so I can pretend we released for Gintoki’s birthday on time.

                  IT IS. I was just laughing at it the last time I replied cause it looked so grumpy.

                  • xplodedtb says :

                    Haha, you know your comment is public and therefore the world now knows. OH DEAR!

                    Indeed. That is always how grumpy Shinpachi looks doesn’t he. Straight-man in a comedy anime is just difficult to be!

                    • Hz says :

                      Oh my… and I just got caspop’s reply notification in my email. Does this mean I might have been spamming people who were comment subscribed to this thread. /horrified

                      And even more difficult to be a straight-man in Gintama. Shinpachi has it hard.

                      ETA: i CAN’T REPLY ANYMORE BUT you probs accidentally subscribed to the entire comment section LOL

                    • Hz says :

                      OMG. Did your system just BLOCK REPLYING TO ME. But I can reply to you just fine I think…. lol

                      But I clicked on the first checkbox. I thought that was just for replies to my comment. oops.

                      ETA: maybe they did block replying /cries
                      IN ANY CASE you can either start a new thread OR…you could work on your release… /stares at you

                      oh and we will mention your Gin-chan b’day release to ;DDD

  3. phyrigia says :

    thank you! looks cute!

  4. shanii says :

    happy birthday gin-chan!!!
    thank you so much for this~

  5. maute50 says :

    I’m happy to be able to read, thank you very much for all the work you did and sharing!!

  6. Mộng Thiên Viên says :

    thanks so much for HijiGin~~~ OMG you didn’t know how much I love this pair and searching for~~~ TAT

  7. yuieiri says :

    Wow! Bahasa Indonesia! hehe.

    OMG!! Nyantoki, why u so cuteeeee!???? I can’t help want to kidnap him! XD
    Thank u so much for this :)

  8. orquidea_negra1 says :

    Thank you so much.

  9. Roy13 says :

    Thank you so much for this doujinshi guys!

  10. ruizawa87 says :

    kyaa thank you so much for the release///// i’ve been waiting for this doujin to be translated///

  11. Deadberry says :

    Thank you so much!! I love it!

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