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[Release #006] Oboreru Sakana ha Yume wo Miru



Have a great time with Haru in THIS RELEASE! Sorry we can’t release another one even though we planned to make it a double release. Something happened along the way and we had to push back Rainy Day. But we have it 1/2 typesetted, so it’s going to keep going, no worries.

(Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RYOTARO OKIAYU-SAN! Amazing seiyuu 5evr!)

Just saying: WINTER HOLIDAYS ARE COMING! I’m planning to stream either Free! or Karneval (or both) again! Perhaps Kurobasu S1 as one of the choices as well, so if anyone’s interested, please leave a comment or something telling me. More details coming up with the next release, I think.

EDIT: If you downloaded the first version, PAGE 14 WAS MISSING. Thanks to lordzuuko telling me I’ve managed to replace it~ So please re-grab the file for it. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. D:


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[Chat] Answers to life in Tokyo, JLPT, our team and more!

So we had a chat awhile ago, and it was pretty fun! If a few of you considered turning up but you couldn’t, I’m sorry you missed it. :( We talked about quite a bit of things so yeah.

But no worries! I’ve compiled a couple of questions together into a post which I think is helpful. I cover JLPT-related things, and some bits of life in Tokyo. If you have even more questions you want to ask, feel free to post them in the comments, and if I have enough questions I guess I’ll make a part 2 chat, or part 2 post. :’D

That’s all from me today.

P.S. There should be a release tomorrow… Hopefully 24 hours from now. \o/

P.P.S. We updated bits of our forum! And we’re chatting as usual, so please join us if you haven’t done so! We’d love to meet more fujoshi!

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