[Updates + Question] Upcoming things, and regarding the livestream

Hello all! Sorry this isn’t a release, but more of an update. :’D

I’m back into translation business again, and Minato has a bit more time on her hands perhaps you can expect things to go smoother from now on. \o/ We will have a New Years’ release, but we won’t tell you all what they are. (Maybe I’ve said it already but y’know, hehe.) Good news is that something is already in QC mode, so I just have to translate the 2nd half of it to release an entire chapter!

And the livestream. Uh, I hadn’t expected that many people to vote because I seriously didn’t think that many people would be interested in a livestream.

So I have a question – who is going to turn up? I need quite the exact headcount to know which program to use to livestream. (I have a livestream channel that streams well but is limited to a max of 50 viewers at the same time, and we have over 100 people who voted so…) The date is not yet completely decided, but the time definitely will be around 11am or 12pm at GMT timing, and streaming on the weekends when we begin on Saturday and Sunday will be longer to give it more air time! But as of now, the date that most people have chosen is the period between the 28th Dec – 3rd Jan.

So please leave a comment if you know you will definitely show up for most of the livestream. I will actually be airing all 12 episodes of the top most voted (definitely Free! now lol) anime.

About xplodedtb

Splodey blogs about real life posts of everyday life in both the UK, and Japan. I also translate BL stuffs~! And I also voiceact in Japanese for fun.

2 responses to “[Updates + Question] Upcoming things, and regarding the livestream”

  1. Eva says :

    I’ll be there. 11 a.m. or 12 p.m. GMT is fine

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