Around the end of January 2013, a fujoshi named Splodey was rather tired, and decided to view doujinshi available on AarinFantasy to relax. Her recent obsession is Ao No Exorcist. A monstrous 100 page worth of sexiness appeared before her eyes, and she thought, “I’d love to translate this, and maybe a few others. But I can’t edit or even typeset! What do I do?”

She called upon the Yaoi God for advice, “Dear Yaoi God, what would I have to do to get this doujinshi and others produced? I really want to work on them because of the gorgeous sexiness in all of them, but I do not know of whom to trust or to look for!”

The Yaoi God looked kindly at her, and answered, “I have a few fellow worshippers I could direct you to. However, this journey will be a long and arduous one. Even so, will you still continue on it?” Splodey nodded and immediately, 6 names appeared on the Yaoi Worshippers list. She took the paper, and ventured into the virtual world of Twitter in search of these 6 people.

There, she met the first person on the list, Mayu. She looked at mayu and called out to her, “Hello mayu! I see that you’re on the Yaoi Worshippers list that the almighty Yaoi God has. Would you like to lend me your powers to produce these wonderful works of art?” Mayu’s eyes immediately lit up and answered, “Of course! I’d love to!”

Next, she bumped into Jyho13 and immediately, without asking anything, the other responded, “Yes, I’d love to!”

Splodey thought, “Well, that was fast.

Moving on, she came across Rysta who was casually being a little tsun on twitter. Splodey tweeted her, “Krys, would you like to be a part of my team?” The other looked rather skeptically at her in return, as if asking what benefits there would be.

Splodey quickly added, “I mean, there’s always Kurobasu doujinshi and moe and cute–”

And Rysta immediately joined.

Looking back at the list, she realized she only needed to find the other 3, and this would be a perfect team!

After searching for awhile, she finally found Minato. She looked at Minato, and said, “You’re the…4th one on this list I’m looking for. Thank Yaoi God I found you! How would you like to help out with producing more delicious yaoi for the world?”

Minato responded, “I’m not so sure I have the time and appropriate skills to really help you with it, but…I guess I can try!”

Splodey happily thanked Minato, and moved on to find her final 2 members. She then found Aimeecchi, who happened to be creeping on other twitter pals on twitter. Only slightly intimidated, Splodey approached Aimeecchi and asked, “H-Hey…”

Aimeecchi looked at Splodey, and responded, “‘Sup? How’d you like to try my creep powers?”

Splodey was not entirely sure of what to make of that response, but instead looked at the list again to confirm once again that it is indeed the person Yaoi God has recommended. She then hesitantly asked, “How…would you like to join my team in spreading…yaoi to the world…?”

Aimeecchi furrowed her eyebrows and thought for awhile, and finally responded, “Sure! I’ll definitely try my best to help!”

So Splodey secured her 5th member. By the way, they both got twitter!engaged later.

And then, Splodey set out to find the final member, Shirato. When she met Shirato… Well, she realized that the list Yaoi God gave to her contained the name of her real friend, who literally lives right next door. So she knocked on Shirato’s door, and asked, “Would you like to help me scanlate a few BL works?”

Shirato just looked at her and easily agreed.

And thus, with all the 7 members gathered, Rotten Scanlations was formed!

BUT WAIT. There was a new calling from the Yaoi God, and another name appeared on the list. It appeared that Splodey had to look for a fish with a 3 second memory span. Well, it was easy enough to rope the newest member, Fishy into the team. The only hard part was to remind her something every 3 seconds so she remembers she’s a part of us…

And so, together, we joined forces on the 25th of March, 2013.

…………….That totally had nothing to do with how we got our name, did it?

5 responses to “ABOUT THIS SITE”

  1. purrrr says :

    Wha-… did i ever ask for benefits b4 joining?! LIAR! Such thing never happened! *leaves group*

  2. purrrr says :

    But anyway… hope we all can have fun with the projects (even though i have yet to help on anything thus far ;A;)

  3. RedNails says :

    At least You created something here that Im having a hard time doing myself. When it all comes together I think its going to be a fun group…..So…. yeah….Im REALLY looking forward to this team for some fun and Manga Fix.
    Please take care of me!

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