If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them here! But we cannot guarantee that we’ll accept it and work on it, because perhaps some of us may not enjoy a mangaka/doujinka’s works or pairing as much as you do, so we have to apologize beforehand.

Please note the conditions to suggesting a project:

1. NO LICENSED MANGA. (If possible, avoid Libre titles.)
3. Check if they’re already scanlated beforehand. (**Closed groups aren’t part of this category.)
4. If possible, please also provide the scans that we can use. (Or provide a link where we can get the scans that we can ask permission for.)
5. Please check this page’s comments AND this link before you suggest!
6. Look at our current projects list, please. If it’s near empty, feel free to suggest. If we have piles of stuffs then please hold back if possible!

1 – 3 can be easily achieved by checking mangaupdates. Please, please use that link to always check for these updates before you suggest!

**Closed groups: when we say closed groups, we mean groups that have closed off memberships on sites like LJ, or forums, and don’t allow anyone new to join, circulating the scans only within their group.

15 responses to “SUGGESTIONS”

  1. karuna says :

    Hello first of all thanks a lot for all of the hard wor you do and all of the hard work you’ll do in the future.
    I’d like to ask you if you could continue the work that blthings was doing, It’s been 6 moths or more since she posted anything on her tumbrl and when I asked her if she would keep doing them she never replyed so I don’t think she continues them.
    The ones she was doing were:

    Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou – Amagakure Gido she did only the prologue, raws found in:
    Even thought I don’t think she is the scaner I’ve serached but I havent found the scaner. But the raws are easy to clean they don’t have the darker side in the middle and are already leveled.

    The other one is Kawaru Sekai.
    Scans from here: but I don’t know if she asked permision.
    Thank you for considering them even if you don’t pick any.

    • Aimee Reeval (Aimeecchi) says :

      We’re happy that you enjoy what we’re doing. Thanks!

      As for your suggestions, I sent a message to blthings via Tumblr, just in case. I think it’d be better if we waited a bit; maybe she replies.

      Meanwhile, we’ll take a look at these manga and decide whether we are interested in them at all. In any case, we’ll keep you updated through this site.

  2. karuna says :

    Thank you!

    • Aimee Reeval (Aimeecchi) says :

      Sorry it took us so long to reply XD We suddenly got an avalanche of projects to work on, plus real life stuff kept us busy =_=

      I never got any reply from blthings, so I guess it’s safe to assume this group is inactive. Naturally, we took a good look at the both manga you had suggested, and Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou piqued our interest.
      I can’t tell you how much time it will take us to start releasing it, though. The announcement has been already made @ our forum (

      As for Kawaru Sekai, it doesn’t look too appealing to us, to be honest, so for now it’s a ‘no’. We might reconsider this decision in (very distant) future, but if any other group is willing to work on it, I guess it’d be better that way.

      Once again, sorry to make you wait for this long!

      • karuna says :

        Thanks a lot!

        • xplodedtb says :

          <3 Thank you for waiting so long for our response though. xD So at the moment we haven't started Akunin yet, we're not even close because we have to deal with the MakoHaru ones first, before we can start them. In case you know of a translator/cleaner/typesetter, please do let us know! Thank you very much~ :D

    • Aimee Reeval (Aimeecchi) says :

      Hello to you, too!
      I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t scanlate these SnK djs, even though quite a few of Rotten Scans staff members are very much into the series.
      Splodey (our main translator and THE GREAT LEADER) hasn’t even started watching/reading this anime/manga yet, so she’s unfamiliar with the characters. Besides, we prefer doujinshi with a better proportion of smex to plot.
      I hope you understand :D

  3. JO says :

    inoue satou manga Blood relative of wolves. Nakama did one chapter and nothing more ??? there is a volume to go

    • Aimee Reeval (Aimeecchi) says :

      Nakama haven’t dropped this manga (at least they don’t have it listed under dropped projects on their website, and it’s not licensed either), so I suggest you should head to their forum and ask around. From what I know, they always finish the projects they start even if it takes years xD

    • xplodedtb says :

      (adding from what Aimee has said…)

      ETA: OOPS SORRY MY BAD. I was looking at the wrong one! Strangely enough, I don’t see that title on their current projects list, but neither is it on the dropped list? If that’s the case, you should probably email them and just perhaps ask about it, or just wait for a bit. They have lots of projects and are still active until now, so I’m sure it’s likely just a lack of translator and/or some issues with typesetting/cleaning etc.

      But like Aimee said, I highly doubt we can pick another one up at this moment because we have too much on our hands now.

      But thanks for suggesting anyway! ;D

  4. mika_chan says :

    Hi! I loved your work on the Gintama DJ “Where is Your Switch”. I also like the works of 3745House, so I was wondering if maybe you can also scanlate their other works?

    I really hope you can, especially “How to Spoil Your Dog”. I usually hate bestiality genres, but I definitely found this one hot hot hot! Thanks so much in advance! Keep up your good work because you make people like us very happy. :)

    • Aimee Reeval (Aimeecchi) says :

      Hello and thank you~
      Just a quick reply to let you know we’ve seen your suggestion.
      I see both titles on Fickle Pickle’s Future Projects list, so I guess it counts as they have already been picked up. But, “Where is Your Switch?” was a joint with them, so we probably might do a joint again for these titles sometime in future??? That’s not something I decide, anyway xD I’ll ask Splodey when she’s awake.

    • xplodedtb says :

      Hello~ Thanks for your suggestion! I also enjoy 3745House’s art and all that it makes me super hot and bothered. xD I’m glad you enjoyed our joint release with FicklePickle (they’re amazing too~)! I’ve read both the ones you linked omfg they were too hot /o/

      The only problem is our current projects list is pretty long so we may not be able to add anything on the list until we manage to clear some of them out, especially the older ones. :’D

      But! I think we will consider both of them once we have the ability to since they’re both listed on FP’s future project list. We’ll ask FP about it since they’re very welcome to joint projects. :D

      So basically your suggestion is amazing and welcome! But we’ll put it on hold until we can actually have the time for it, provided nobody picks it up while we work on other things. :D

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