aimeeName: Aimeecchi (Aimee)
Position: Proofreader
Status: Active
Likes: Splodey, 2D ikemen, ice cream, summer, creeping people out
Dislikes: sarcasm, anime fillers, spicy food
Fandoms: Gintama, Kuroko no Basket, Free!, Monogatari, Type-Moon.
Comments: I talk too much and I am not sorry
Links: Blog | Twitter | Tumblr | MAL

donoName: donoo
Position: POTATO BIRD SHIT + Cleaner/Typesetter
Status: Active
Likes: birds sitting down, shiba inus, catching bugs, zoooming in, homos
Dislikes: closemindedness
Fandoms: knb, snk, opm, gintama
Comments: ༼͡° ͜ʖ ͡° 」∠༽ށ are you gay or straight? yes
Links: Twitter | Tumblr

Name: Fishy
Position: Quality checker / our pet fish / the one who makes those FABULOUS CREDIT PAGES
Status: Active
Likes: GINTAMA<3, anime, photography, figures, silly/random stuff
Dislikes: bothersome and troublesome people/things (wut)
Comments: JUST DO IT! Even if it costs you your life! Fu~~~
Links: Twitter | Tumblr


jyho13Name: Jyho13
Position: Cleaner, also the POTATO
Status: Active
Likes: Sleep, Stories, Videogames, Feels, Food, Internet.
Dislikes: Hell week, Feels, Orange juice
Comments: “Fabulous Max!”
Links: Tumblr | Twitter | MAL


mayuName: Mayu
Position: Lazy Translator
Status: Semi-active
Likes: Stalking Splodey, pretty men, drawing, reading, day-dreaming
Dislikes: office-politics, mind games, saracasm
Comments: BL is not a choice, it’s a way of life.
Links: Twitter | Blog


minatoName: Minato
Position: Editor (sometimes doing all the work and amazing)
Status: Active
Likes: Videogames, Dan Brown’s novels, sweets, pastel colors, fluff.
Dislikes: too much drama/angst, stubborn characters, answering the phone.
Fandoms: Free!, Persona 3 & 4, KHR.
Comments: I’ll burnnnn myyyy dreaaaad~
Links: Tumblr | Twitter | MAL

rystaName: Rysta (Krys)
Position: Proofreader / chibicon
Status: Active
Likes: moe, BLUE, manga, food, funny crap, …ONE PIECE!
Dislikes: fights, arrogance, starving…………
Links: Tumblr | MAL


shiratoName: Shirato
Position: (freelance + thesis writing) translator
Position: Hiatus
Likes: Videogames, parody videos, artbooks
Dislikes: Stuff breaking, bigotry, wasting food
Comments: When it comes down to it, just a game maniac.
Links: Twitter


splodeyName: xploded_tb (Splodey, Bringer of Homos)
Position: Unmotivated Translator, owner of these slaves
Status: Active
Likes: Gin-chan, 2D ikemen x 2D ikemen 24/7, singing, cooking, sleeping, gaming, spicy food
Dislikes: caramel and mint, annoying people
Fandoms: DGS, Kurobasu, Gintama, Adekan, Tiger and Bunny
Comments: The only one who can **** Gin-chan is me and me only.
Links: Blog | Twitter | Tumblr

Feel free to speak with any of us. Please don’t be intimidated because of the weird description in the “About This Site” section. We seriously do not bite. :D

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