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[Release #002] Fill/Kill/Reverse/My Moment

We’ve missed 801 Day by like, 4 days. So, we’re terribly sorry. To make up for it, we have this massive 100 pages! Please enjoy this AoEx doujinshi!

The credits page has a YukioRin fanart drawn by our other translator, mayu! ;D Also, Minato our editor/typesetter toiled hard over this doujinshi, so let’s just shower her with love~ <3

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR POTATO JY, for helping out with some of the cleaning too~

Title: Fill/Kill/Reverse/My Moment
Circle: FIZZCODE/Satonishi
Fandom: Ao No Exorcist
Pages: 107
Pairing: YukioRin
Rating: R-18
Warnings: rape
Summary: Yukio harbors feelings that are beyond family love for Rin. Even so, he tries not to give in to them, and to be content with their current relationship. However, when he learns that time is “on his side”, he takes advantage of it.
Download: Mediafire  |  4shared  |  Mega
Re-translations: Portuguese

Feel free to share this post or link to our group! We greatly appreciate it. Andddd, Splodey is sorry. xD We’re sooooo slow but that’s okay, we told you – WE’LL BE SLOW. We keep to this promise, at least. THAT SAID, Splodey will go heal her aching back…


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P.S. Anyone reading Adekan? ;D It’s soooo fun~

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