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[Release #005] FAKE! doujinshi + mini announcements~

Announcements first!

  1. BangAQUA is working with us on 2 new MakoHaru doujinshi. Details just look under “Current Projects“. You can check back once in awhile for updates or anything at all, or feel free to join our forums to get more frequent updates too and we can chat more~ (Please do join!!)
  2. Our FAQs are currently being translated into Russian, Spanish, Thai and Bahasa Indonesia. The spot for Korean is still open, so if you’d like to offer please let us know! Alternatively, if you’d like to help translate it into any language at all, also let us know!
  3. At the moment we have quite some projects, and life is busy again for quite a few of us on the team (and remember we are small), so please bear with us. If you ever suggest any project to us, please understand that we will need time before we can agree and start work on it!

So thank you very much so far for sticking with us and of course, onward with the release BUT!


Don’t ever give up the sugar Gin-chan!! And the raws, credit page and the extra pretty insert page was brought to you by HokaHoka of BangAQUA herself. Head on over to join them, and please thank her as well. <3

Title: FAKE
Pairing: HijiGin
Rating: R-18
Summary: Nyantoki (Cat!Gintoki) visits the Shinsengumi, and he really wants food. But is he just looking for only food, or a certain person…? (Joint with BangAQUA)
Download: MediaFire | Mega | Read Online
Re-translation: French


Por favor, no alteres el contenido de esta carpeta.

P.S. Do you need more Gintoki-ness? FicklePickle are also celebrating his birthday, and have released djs too!

[Release #001] Where Is Your Switch?

First of all, it’s 5th May in Japan right now, so it’s somebody’s birthday! Our mayonnaise-loving vice-captain~


A present from us to you – a Gin-chan to bully make love to. ;D

Title: Where Is Your Switch?
Circle: 3745house
Fandom: Gintama
Pages: 34
Pairing: HijiGin
Rating: R-18
Scanner: 3z-scans
Summary: Hijikata feels that Gintoki isn’t enjoying the sex enough. So, he sets to correct this himself. Physically. (Joint with FPscans)
Download: MediaFire  |  4shared  |  Mega
Re-translation: French scanlation

We’re sorry for the really late release. :’) But then again, we did warn you that we’re a group that goes even slower than snails do. Nevertheless, enjoy the sexiness. <3 And be MAJI ROTTEN 2000% with us! Feel free to also check out FPscans and their other works!


Por favor, no alteres el contenido de esta carpeta.

Welcome to our new BL group~!

Hello all fujoshi and fudanshi! (I’m Splodey, and some of you know I’m “xploded_tb” in many places.)

Thanks for popping by our team and our site. If you want to stick with us, feel free to hit the RSS button, or “Sign Me Up” to get updates from us!

As we’re still a super young team, most of us not having that much scanlation experience, we only hope to improve the quality of our work as we go along. So please bear with us and our quality for the moment, and for me as a rather hetare leader.

Only thing we want you to note is that we’re a group with little rules for ourselves, and the people following us! Especially for us. Because we’re so lazy and rotten. We laze so much we take some time to squeeze out releases. We work on works that we’re interested in and we would always love to hear some suggestions as well.

There’s more I could say, but I’ll stop! To kick us off for spring, here’s a little preview of a work that will be a joint!

Read More…

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