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[Chat] Q&A session for life in Japan (Tokyo), for Japanese, BL etc

Hello! Sorry, I don’t actually have a release or even anything remotely close to a teaser today! Please forgive me… ><;; We’re working hard! Uh… yes we’re working hard! Also with real life as well…

Anyway, I’m posting this here in case people here are also interested.

I’m hosting a livechat session TOMORROW today 26th Oct at 2pm GMT +1 timing, so the later GMTs will be evening/night Saturday, and timings before will be early Saturday! Everything will be livechat and it’s accessible without an account or even an email!

Chat is over! Thanks for joining~

If you can make it, that’ll be awesome. If you didn’t make it, that’s okay as I’ll still take in your questions. Just leave your comments so I can answer them at a later time with a cumulative post of everything I can answer!

More info~~

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