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[Teaser #002] Akashi-sama no Iu Toori (audio preview)

We live up to our name! We’re hetare, and lazy, so when I said “hopefully during the 1st week of April” it actually means “during 2015”.

…Nah, I’m kidding. The works are coming along well! A little update…

HijiGin doujinshi, “Where Is Your Switch?” is at QC stage, and the 100 page monster YukioRin is at typesetting stage. I have JUST finished translating Akashi-sama no Iu Toori today, so I hope this project will be published during May! <3

But since you guys were so patient I decided to give you a crappy present. …I still hope you like it.

Our group is a little special. We try our best to pump out previews as well so you can enjoy something while waiting!

Here’s the page… that I decided to do an AUDIO preview of.

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