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[Community Fun] Livestreaming: Free!

Hello guys! So according to the poll, I’ll be streaming Free! from 28th Dec – 3rd Jan! I’ll be streaming every single day from 1pm GMT onwards. Check your GMT here! (I’m sorry to those who are at GMT -5 and all…)

Of course, if we finish it in a short span of 2 days or something, I’ll air something else (maybe Natsume Yuujinchou because it’s the next most picked on the list)!

I’ll put the link to the streaming on this very same post 1 hour before we begin so people can start coming in! Chat and all is available and there’s no need for you to get an account to chat or view the stream.

Hope to see quite a few of you turn up! \o/ Have a great week and see you just a little after Christmas!


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