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[Release #004] Oyasumi Mae Secret

What is happening at Rotten Scans?! WE’RE RELEASING?! Yes, that’s right, and just before Wetnesgay tonight! (Free! airs ‘tonight’ in Japan at 12.30am GMT +9 actually. Anyone going to watch the stream?)

BUT BEFORE THAT, 2 major announcements!


Feel free to register and join us and we can all chat and share other scanlations/raws with each other! If you’ve joined, introduce yourself! We may also use the forum to take your opinions, hold more discussions, or shift any possible text translations over there etc.

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[Text #001] Swimming anime story translation + line from Haruka in PV

I’m very sure someone out there has translated it, but I’m doing this in case anyone has not yet seen any translations of that posted.

This post translates the story, and also a line that Nanase Haruka said in the PV.


“I’ll tell you the difference between us!”

“Nanase Haruka” has always liked “swimming” and the feel of “water”.

“Nanase Haruka”, “Tachibana Makoto”, “Matsuoka Rin” and “Hazuki Nagisa” joined the same swimming club when they were at elementary school.
After turning out victorious at a tournament before their graduation, they went on their separate ways.

Soon, time passed, and suddenly in front of Haruka, who was bumming around in his high school life, Rin appears.
He challenges Haruka, and shows overwhelming power. This is not the end yet.

And so, gathering Makoto and Nagisa, and pulling in Ryuugazaki Rei as a new member, they establish Iwatobi High School’s swimming club.
Haruka, Makoto, Nagisa, Rei, and Rin.
This is a story of energetic high school boys, swimming, youth and relationships—

There we go. I was staring at the description and immediately my mind went “oh dear god this is only going to end well GOOD JOB KYOANI”. Anyway, anyone thinks Nanase Haruka = Nanami Haruka? XD

Speaking of him, click the link above to watch the PV (watch it again, no harm, right?). And the line he says is translated as below:

Show me that scenery once more. It’s ‘cause I forgot what I saw.

Sorry if it came out somewhat lame-sounding. m(__)m

Hope you enjoyed! Decided to also share here in case you missed it everywhere else! :’)

(A little update on AoEx progress: slowed down because typesetter has some rl stuffs like exams. But well, you know we’re lazy and slow. ;D)

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